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【引用英訳】佐藤仁(2011)『「持たざる国」の資源論 持続可能な国土をめぐるもう一つの知』東京大学出版
Since the announcement of the ISEE2015, I have begun to think that Japanese environmental ethics are environmental ethics of a "have-not” nation. In addition, the earthquake of 2011 was an opportunity to re-consider what the resources of Japan actually are.

In Japan, a self-professed "have-not” nation, due to the small territory and high density of population, has long existed a tradition of re-evaluating natural resources. In the poor era after the war it blossomed as “resources theory “. After however Japan became rich through subsequent rapid economic growth, it was forgotten to view in more fundamental dimensions the relation of humankind and nature, because questions of pollution and environmental problems has come to overshadow other things. Resource is a key concept in considering the interaction between nature and human economy. What was the resource theory as a “never realized idea”?

Why have I been interested in Japan’s resources theory there are three reasons for this. One: the resource theory is no academic import but practical knowledge routed in the intrinsic awareness of the unsolved question how to achieve harmony between conservation of land and socio-economic needs. Two: that theory constitute pioneering effort that while having geologist at its core involved also people from many deferent other fields such as politics and administration. Three, in spite of this resources theory has never been established as a field of expertise but instead become forgotten.

That what constitute resources is not unequivocally defined, is the result of the fact that the relationship between ends and means is not clearly fixed. Simultaneously, resources present an issue spanning both natural sciences that deal with material aspects and social sciences that deal with institutional aspects thus requiring a synthesis of both for proper management. I am going to define resources as a bundle of potential, subject to approach. […] Resources exhibit effectiveness only when receiving approach from human society. As the object of approach, however, is a natural object the choices of its use a subject to natural restrictions.

The point here is a perspective to think of resources in terms of “use” rather than “ownership”.
What is the problem with focusing only on sectors such as forestry and fishery? That is losing out of sight the effect resulting outside these sectors and the question ecological balance.

Social scientists and practitioners involved in development plans have not paid enough attention to the natural environment that is the material basis for development. On the other hand, natural scientists trying to solve environmental problems have viewed economic activities exclusively in negative terms, often advocating environmental protection policies which completely lacking in consideration of local people’s concerns and needs. However, in fact social and natural science are closely related. It is because the distribution of the final benefits varies according to where, in what amount, how and at what speed natural resources are taken.

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