① What?: 論文中で用いる語句の定義+現状
② Who?: 参照する人、著作、団体
③ Why?: 「なぜそれが問題なのか?」、避けなくてはならない事態
④ When?: 問題の歴史的経緯
⑤ Where?: 問題の地理的状況
⑥ How?: 問題への対策の提起

Soil is one of the world's most important natural resources, play a central role in food security. Maintaining healthy soils are required for feeding the growing population and meeting their needs for biomass, fiber, fodder, and other products.
Soil provides ecosystem services including climate change adaptation and mitigation. Recycling of air, water, nutrients, and a number of natural cycle. "Despite these numerous emergent activities, soil resources are still seen as a second-tier priority". Global Soil Partnership says, "No international governance body exists that advocates for and coordinates initiatives to ensure that knowledge and recognition of soils are appropriately represented in global change dialogues and decision making processes."(*)

(*)Why a Global Soil Partnership?

▼Soil Conservation / Soil Protection:
The concept of Soil Conservation spread out in the United States of the 1930s: Dust Bowl age. A parched region of the Prairie, OK, AR, and TX, where a combination of drought and soil erosion created enormous dust storms in the 1930s. Some regions lost more than 75 percent of their top soil. The decade came to be known as the Dirty Thirties, and one of the worst disasters. Timothy Egan describes one of the dust storms:
A cloud ten thousand feet high from ground to top appeared…The sky lost its customary white, and it turned brownish then gray … Nobady knew what to call it. It was not a rain cloud … It was not a twister. It was thick like coarse animal hair; it was alive. People close to it described a feeling of being in a blizzard - a black blizzard.

On April 27, 1935 , Congress passed Public Law 74-461 -- the Soil Conservation Act. It recognized that "the wastage of soil and moisture resources on farm, grazing, and forest lands, is a menace to the national welfare." At the same time Soil Conservation Service (SCS) were established as a permanent agency in the USDA. In 1994, SCS's name was changed to the NRCS.
In a word, the United States takes the position of Conservation for the Soil. We can remember Gifford Pinchot - the father of conservation. "Conservation" of natural resources in the broad sense of wise use became a widely known concept and an accepted national goal since Pinchot. On the other hand , EU countries has made the policies in the concept of Soil Protection or Soil Preservation, instead of Soil Conservation. For example, in Grobal Soil Week (Germany led), the ESP is positioned to be a platform for promote crossborder soil protection in Europe.(*) As we know, The two views (conservation and preservation) have been at the center of many historical environmental debates, since the Hetch Hetchy water project(**).
Of course, soil preservationist don't against agriculture. However, it is conceivable that each region has different understanding of soil and human relations. Soil protection may focuses on the prevention of pollution damage: through legislation, financial controls, and permit procedures. Voluntary measures and increasing environmental (systematical) awareness are important for each concept.


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1.Akitsu, M.,(2010) A Japanese tradition of study on agricultural ethics: a critical review of the academic history of 'Philosophy of Agricultural Science', The Report of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), Science Based Food Safety Policy; Establishing Risk Analysis, Profession, and Professional Code
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・Logan, W.B., 2007, Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth. New York: W.W.Norton & Company
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【読.003】和田朋子(2013)『増補改訂版 はじめての英語論文』すばる舎 カスタマイズ⑥

基本表現.35 議論のまとめ:結論づける
It is interpreted from ~ that …

基本表現.37 議論のまとめ:結論づける(続)
We have come to the conclusion that …
{経験:The number of population who has gone through WW2 is becoming smaller.
{継続:The citizens in the Middle East have suffered since the 1940's.

基本表現.38 議論のまとめ:結論づける(続々)
It seems natural to conclude that …

基本表現.25 議論の応用:効果を述べる
A enables B to …
研究テーマとその解決にどんな意義があるかの説明。allows, makes, helpsを使い分けてニュアンスを変える。基本表現.05 論文の重要性を述べると関連。

基本表現.26 議論の応用:研究成果の利点・欠点を述べる
~ has the advantage (disadvantage) that …

基本表現.28 議論の応用:結論をふまえて、何が言えるか
Taking ~ into account, the discussion turns to …

基本表現.34 議論の応用:成果をふまえて提案する
It is suggested that …

基本表現.36 議論の応用:成果をふまえて提案する(理念ver?)
More attention should ne paid to the fact that …
例)In Japan, It is critical that experts gather their erudition to come up with ways to protect people's living environment.

基本表現.39 議論の応用:当該研究がどのように展開されるべきか述べる
A further study of ~ should be conducted.

基本表現.40 議論の応用:当該研究分野への貢献を祈る
It is hoped that ~ will contribute to a better understanding of …

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【読.003】和田朋子(2013)『増補改訂版 はじめての英語論文』すばる舎 カスタマイズ⑤

基本表現.21 結論の提示:明らかになったことを示す
It is evident from ~ that …
論証を通じて明らかになったことの提示。文頭で、It became clear that … とすれば、この段落がどういう位置づけか示すことができる。

基本表現.29 結論の提示:文と文をつなげる
on this point …
In relation to this …

Judging from ~, …
 ~から判断すると、 …
Considering ~, …
Focusing on ~, …

Prior to ~, …
Following ~, …
In the course of ~, …
「…」の内容がどのような時間的関係にあるかを示す。基本表現.18 仮説の論証:データや根拠を引用するをまとめるときに。

基本表現.30 結論の提示:どのような条件下で有効なのかを示す
as far as ~ is concerned, … . Therefore, it is safe to say that --
例)It can be concluded that, as far as the observations of the experiment is concerned, the chemical inflicts no harm human body.
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【読.003】和田朋子(2013)『増補改訂版 はじめての英語論文』すばる舎 カスタマイズ④


基本表現.13 仮説の論証:用語を定義し、文脈を明らかにする
~ can be defined as …
 ~は…と定義される:グループによって定義が異なることを示すときは、受動態ではなく能動態、A define ~ as …にする。
~ be regarded as …
~ be referred to as …
文脈を明らかにして、この論文がどの分類項目に属しているかをあらためて明示する。基本表現.07 先行研究の紹介:分類をすると関連。

基本表現.14 仮説の論証:順序立てて説明する
The first to be notice is that …
The second point to be considered is …

基本表現.15 仮説の論証:比較・対照する
In comparison with ~, … is [比較級]

基本表現.16 仮説の論証:一致している/似ている
same, identical, matching, parallel, equivalent, agree with
similar, comparable, almost identical

基本表現.17 仮説の論証:例を挙げる
~ is a typical example …

結論を述べて、例を挙げるのは一般的なやり方。excellent example(適例)、extreme example(極端な例)、rare example(ちょっと変わった例)などの表現も。

基本表現.18 仮説の論証:データや根拠を引用する
According to ~, …
As ~ points out, …

王道表現。To continue along the line of approach suggested by ~, …は、基本表現.10,11 先行研究の紹介:見解が一致している/していないと相関。

基本表現.19 仮説の論証:実験方法や検証の手順を説明する
In …, samples of ~ were gathered.

基本表現.20 仮説の論証:表やグラフを説明する
This is a table shows …
As ~ indicates, …

基本表現.22 仮説の論証:因果関係、ある事柄がもたらした結果を強調する
~ have resulted in…
~ turned out to …
Consequently, でも可。半ば物語仕立てで発表なり授業なりを構成するので、因果関係の太さ・細さのニュアンスを論文でどう表現するかは、個人的に非常に重要。

基本表現.23 仮説の論証:因果関係、ある事柄がもたらした原因を強調する
The (central) cause of ~ is …
~ is held responsible for …
Due to,でも可。

基本表現.24 仮説の論証:理由・根拠を述べるbecause以外の方法
~ in that …
The reason ~ is because …
becauseは理由・根拠に注意を向けたいとき、in thatは事実と理由の関連性に注意を向けたいときに用いる。
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【読.003】和田朋子(2013)『増補改訂版 はじめての英語論文』すばる舎 カスタマイズ③


基本表現.31 仮説の提示:これまでの議論のハイライト
It should be noted that…
What is to be noted …
It is important that …
Most of all, …
これまでの議論のハイライトを通して現状の問題点を確認することは、先行研究の引用・紹介においてもやっておいた方が良い。基本表現.03 現状の問題点を指摘するを掘り下げたもの。
例)It should be noted that the rapid population increase in Sub-Saharan Africa has outpaced its food productivity, through a majority of its working population is engaged in agriculture, especially crop production.

基本表現.32 仮説の提示:生じうる状況の可能性とその度合
It is possible that …
It can be said …
(*) could < might < may < can < should < will < must の順に可能性が高くなる。

基本表現.04 研究の手薄さを指摘すると関連するトピック。「こういうことが生じる可能性があるが、まだ対処がされていない」。
It is possible that the rise in the value of Euro would lead European economy to an inflation that could stagnate its sustainable growth.

基本表現.33 仮説の提示:自分の推測や解釈を示す
It can be presume that …
It seems right to presume that …
~lead us to presume that …
One interpretation of ~ is …
例)Reviewing some of studies on people's perception of the term nationalism, it can be presume that there is a close relationship between …
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【読.003】和田朋子(2013)『増補改訂版 はじめての英語論文』すばる舎 カスタマイズ②

先行研究に関する詳しい検討は、導入(基本表現03,04)で、As described later,付きで述べたことについて、分類、引用(紹介)、比較、疑問の投げかけを行う。

基本表現.07 先行研究の紹介:分類をする
~ can be classified into …
~ is classified as … because --
~ belongs to … in that --

基本表現.08 先行研究の紹介:「述べている」の使い分け
~ claims that …
~ points out that …
~ notes that …
~ mentions that …
~ says that …

基本表現.09 先行研究の紹介:「説明している」の使い分け
~ clarifies that …
~ defines …
~ describes that …
~ accounts that …

基本表現.10,11 先行研究の紹介:見解が一致している/していない
The present author agree/disagree with ~ in that …
何についてどのような観点で一致しているのか? そこから何が言えるのか?
例)The present author agree/disagree with Negishi (1996) in that the reading subskills would be better described when they are illustrated in dimension rather than in a list or taxonomies. Therefore, in the present study, the prime interest is to seek for a model which descibes how these dimensions could be conceptualized.

基本表現.27 結論の応用:研究成果がどのように応用できるかを示唆する
A can be applied to B

基本表現.12 先行研究の紹介のまとめ:残っている疑問を示す
The question has remained unanswered whether…
解決されていない論点を取り上げるときに用いる表現。「基本表現.04 研究の手薄さを指摘する」をさらに掘り下げたものと言えるか。
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【読.003】和田朋子(2013)『増補改訂版 はじめての英語論文』すばる舎 カスタマイズ①


基本表現.01 導入をはじめる
There has been a great discussion about …

基本表現.02 過去の研究を概観する
Several studies have proved that …
~ take the approach that …
~ argue that …

基本表現.03 現状の問題点を指摘する
The problem seems to lie in the fact that …

基本表現.04 研究の手薄さを指摘する
There has been little study done concerning …

基本表現.05 論文の重要性を述べる
It is important that … is discussed.
例) Little attention has been given to the poor condition of child labor existent in many of the developing countries. Therefore, it is important that how these conditions can be made to improve economic reform in those countries is urgently discussed.

基本表現.06 主題や目的を述べて導入をしめくくる
The present study was undertaken in order to …
The study put its focus on …
例) The present study was undertaken in order to seek a way of how reading could be described. The Study puts its focus on …
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【読.002】Dan Barber The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food (Penguin Press, 2014) 抜粋
Historian Donald Worster argues that by the time the war effort ended, the Midwest's grain economy had become inseparable from the industrial economy. “The War integrated the Plains farmers more thoroughly than ever before into the national economy – into its networks of banks, railroads mills, implement manufactures, energy companies – and, moreover, integrated them into an international market syste.”(*) The grasslands were remade. There was no turning back.

(*) Donald Worster Under Western Skies: Nature and History in the American West (Oxford, UK Oxford University Press, 1992), 99

・ティモシー・イーガンによる、ダストボウルを受けた1935年のSoil Conservation Act成立までの経緯。
One of the largest of the storms hit in the spring of 1935 – Brack Sunday. It didn’t die in the prairie but moved east, gathering strength as it went.
The following Friday, a scientist named Hugh Bennett stood on the floor of the U.S. Senate, arguing for the creation of a permanent Soil Conservation Service. Even through photos of Black Sunday had appeared in newspapers around the country the same morning, most senators believed they had already done enough for the people of the prairie. Just as Bennett was wrapping up his plea, an aide appeared at the podium and whispered in his ear. “Keep it up”, he said. “It’s coming.” Bennett kept talking. A few minutes later, he stopped talking. The chamber turned dark. A giant copper dust cloud blew through Washington for an hour.
“This, gentleman, is what I’m talking about.” Bennett said, pointing to the windows. “There goes Oklahoma.” Eight days later, Congress signed the Soil Conservation Act into law. Some call the incident the beginning of the environmental movement in America(*).

(*)Timothy Egan The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcout, 2006) 227-8

As Alexis de Tocqueville noted in his famous study of the country, farmers approached farming with the attitude of capitalist rather than conservationists. “Almost all the farmers of the United States combine some trade with agriculture; most of them make agriculture itself a trade,” he wrote in Democracy in America. “It seldom happens that an American farmer settles for good upon the land which he occupies.”

A little ignorance keeps ud fom wrongly thinking it's humbling to not know the "how", and in the end it's probably a lot healthier. In the words of ecologist Frank Egler "Nature is not more complex than we think, but more complex than we think."(*)

(*)Frank Egler, 1977, The Nature of Vegetation, Its Management and Mismanagement, Norfolk, CT: Aton Forest Publishers, 2

As ecologist David Wolfe says, human beings are "subterranean-impaired."(*) We're unable to see what's underneath us. It look a visit to the control room (and, as I stood in the ditch, a nematode's view of the underworld) to change how I looked at a landscape: what we see aboveground -- the plants, trees, wildflowers, shrubs, and grasses -- is mirrored by root systems belowground.

(*)David Wolfe Tales From The Underground: A Natural History Of Subterranean Life (New York: Basic Books, 2002) 6
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